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Lauren is a New York-based actor who grew up in Kansas City. She got her BA in Theatre and Arts Administration at Drury University. She worked professionally in the Kansas City market for 4-years before going on to train at Atlantic Acting School in New York City. Favorite roles include Abigail in the Crucible, Marianne in Tartuffe, Raymonde in A Flea in Her Ear, and Irina in Three Sisters. Lauren enjoys trying new restaurants, going to the gym to counteract trying new restaurants, a good tv show binge session, reading a good book, and spending time with the love of her life - her black cat named Luka.

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts



Lauren is not a strong swimmer and is terrified of deep water. She has almost drowned. Twice. 

Lauren grew up with 3 wolves and a bobcat as pets. No, not like Tiger King.

Side Note: Lauren does not condone people keeping these types of animals as pets, they belong in the wild and should only be kept in captivity if there is a zero chance they would survive on their own.

Useless Talents

Lauren is really good at thumb wars and making things awkward. This fact alone proves she is the perfect date to bring to family and/or business functions.  

Favorite Things

Lauren loves french macaroons, spicy pickles, and fantasy movies, tv series, and books. 

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